Eco-innovation – Win Turbine

Eco-innovation – Wind turbine


In the same way that photovoltaic energy has evolved a lot in recent years, the wind turbine is about to undergo significant changes. Increased productivity, adaptation to new terrains, resolution of certain problems related to current structures: researchers are currently working on new models to imagine the wind technology of tomorrow. Among the various projects envisaged, American researchers plan to build a gigantic wind turbine whose size would exceed that of the Eiffel Tower. And if this technological monster is not yet a reality, it announces a new generation of wind turbines, very different from those we know at present.

Technology at the mercy of the wind

Wind technology is based on the strength of the wind: so far, nothing new. Since the development of this renewable energy source, the problem has always been to tame the vagaries of the wind and to maximize the efficiency of wind turbines despite intermittent production. When the wind is not present or even if it is too weak (ie less than a force of 15 km / h), the wind turbine can not work because there is not enough strength to drag his blades. But the problem is also found when the wind becomes too powerful: if it exceeds a speed of 100 km / h, it becomes dangerous for the integrity of the structure and can damage the blades of the wind turbine. For researchers, the goal is to find a way to smooth the energy production of wind turbines to increase efficiency and reliability. For this, we must consider new ways to strengthen the structure of wind turbines and capture more wind. With the advent of renewable energies promised by the energy transition, the challenge of innovation mobilizes more than ever researchers from around the world. Especially as the key, there is a huge potential market: many countries now want to develop their wind farm to increase the share of renewable in their energy mix.