The textile industry is one of the most pollutants releasing industries of the world. Surveys show that nearly five percent of all landfill space is consumed by textile waste. Besides, 20 percent of all fresh water pollution is made by textile treatment and dyeing. The reason for being so highly pollutant is because it is a trifecta of issues

  • Waste - Clothing and textiles leave tons of waste that end up at dumps all over the world. The clothing takes time to breakdown, and some textiles, like polyester, even create chemical pollution.
  • Pollution - Air and water gets polluted because of textiles. The dyes used for textiles are used with water and chemicals, which then has to be dumped. The burning of all the products inside the mills also pollutes the air with chemicals.
  • Use of resources - The washing of textiles and the dying process leads to millions of gallons of water being used annually, which can be a real issue in some places.

Unfortunately even taking in consideration those well known facts, European people are throwing in average 21 kg of clothes each year while renewing their wardrobe. One of the main reason for that is fiber texture deterioration and stains on the clothes. Hydrop products are offering the possibility to extend the life cycle of clothes by reducing washing, ironing and stains.

Textile Industry pollution facts

The estimated percentage of used clothing that can be recycled
The percentage of global water used for growing cotton
Synthetic chemicals that are used to turn raw materials into textiles
The percentage of global landfills that are filled with clothing and textiles


HYDROP offers unbeatable protection and an immediate solution to the most common problems. Hydrop products have been specially designed to provide a lasting solution to the textile and footwear care and cleaning industry.

Hydrop aims to solve 2 problems:

  • The first concerns environmental pollution produced by the textile industry. HYDROP products help to increase the longevity of clothes and shoes.
  • The second concerns the unavoidable damage to clothes and shoes due to everyday dangers (rain, dirt or accidental spills).

All Hydrop products are non-toxic, non-allergenic, non-flammable, ecological, biocompatible and biodegradable, protecting your health and the environment.