SAG Invest is proud to present the awards won with the Hydrop project !



1. Since 2019 Hydrop is included in the ranking of start-ups that are likely to make the greatest contribution to the French economy in the Top 100 of Choiseul France.

Le Choiseul 100: Highlights and networks the most promising young leaders who, through their activity and expertise, are called upon to play a major role in the French economy. The first 100 winners are ranked from 1st to 100th place. A second list, the Choiseul 200, lists 100 complementary profiles on which our country can draw to look to tomorrow.



 2. In 2018, Hydrop won the award for the best female executive for an ecological start-up at the Impact² (green) event.

 Every year, Impact² brings together more than 1,000 decision-makers, business leaders, entrepreneurs, investors and journalists from more than 50 countries to discuss solutions to our planet’s most pressing challenges.



 3. In 2018, INCO presented us with the award for Best Green and Social Start-up Entrepreneur of the Year.

To build a new economy, INCO wants to evolve existing strategies, test innovative ideas, and create new companies to address major social and environmental issues. Every day, INCO looks for start-ups and SMEs with strong potential to provide relevant solutions.



4. In 2017 at the Hello Tomorrow event, Hydrop was the big winner in the wellness category with L’Oréal as jury.

Hello Tomorrow is a global mission-driven organization dedicated to accelerating the transfer of leading-edge technologies to solve some of our most pressing industrial, environmental and societal problems. Their core business: Searching for cutting-edge technology solutions around the world: Partnering with over 200 of the world’s top universities and gas pedals to identify new and promising projects, they provide a platform for innovation through start-up competitions. Build a collaborative ecosystem: Connecting all key players (start-ups, universities, investors, gas pedals and companies) in a global ecosystem through events, competitions and programs around the world.



 5. Hydrop brand was voted European winner in the 2017 International Cartier Women’s program.

The Cartier Women’s Initiative is an international program created in 2006 by Cartier in partnership with INSEAD Business School to identify, support and promote women entrepreneurs and their businesses. Each year, it rewards 21 women entrepreneurs, three finalists per region: Latin America and the Caribbean, North America, Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa, Middle East and North Africa, East Asia and South Asia and Oceania.