The fashion industry and its impact on the environment

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Fashion and its trends are one of the reasons for the harmful impact of the textile industry on the planet. Every year, more than one hundred billion garments and accessories are sold worldwide! Consequences? Consumption has tripled over the last 55 years and perfectly illustrates the new phenomenon of “disposable fashion”, also called “fast fashion”. This concept […]

Are biodegradeble bags truly biodegradable ?

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“Biodegradable plastic bags are still capable of carrying full loads of shopping after being exposed in the natural environment for three years,” researchers from the University of Plymouth said in a new study. The study examined the degradation of five plastic bag materials widely available from high street retailers in the UK. While all the […]

Who’s Really to Blame for the Plastics Recycling Crisis? (Hint: It’s Not China)

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Plastics recycling has always been mediocre at best and cannot keep pace with the explosion of plastics on the market—and it never will. As recyclers struggle with the “recycling crisis” caused by China’s National Sword policy and search for new marketing approaches, the situation is being made all the worse by those capitalizing on the downturn and […]